Our Story

As business development executives in the pharmaceutical industry, we know how time-consuming pharmaceutical research can be. When simple and seemingly straightforward questions were taking hours of the day to answer, we knew there had to be a better way to do things within the industry.

PharmaHub® was created to utilize technology to answer complex business questions for us and eliminate manual research, though speed and direction are only valuable if you have confidence in the quality of your information. At PharmaHub®, we offer a centralized hub of credible, publicly available data sources at your fingertips, so pharmaceutical development companies can focus on doing what they do best — developing drugs.

Our Experience

We're able to create a tool like PharmaHub® that uses business and technical criteria because we know your challenges. Because we were you. We've held key positions spanning the spectrum of drug development — portfolio management, competitor analysis, product development, project management, and business development.

We know what you need to make your business decisions, so we created PharmaHub® with that in mind to help you make decisions faster and more efficiently by having access to multiple key data sources, whenever and wherever you need them, making the pharma research process simpler and less time-consuming. Let us help you work efficiently by putting our experience to work for you.

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